Astrometric Diagnostics

File Format: FTCL parameter file

Name:, where rrrrrr is the imaging run number.

Produced by: astrom

Used by:

Size: < 10 Kb

Archived? Yes


Quality analysis diagnostic output from a single astrometric pipeline run. If the input FANG files came from SSC, then the "sscXX_id" keys are present but not the "psXX_id"; vice versa if the input FANG files came from PS.


version            v2_7
ko_ver            ACT v1_0
astro_id   1998-11-18T16:32:40 19417
ssc01_id   1998-11-17T20:02:40 04699
ssc02_id   1998-11-17T20:02:44 04698
ssc03_id   1998-11-17T20:02:49 04622
ssc04_id   1998-11-17T20:02:52 04763
ssc05_id   1998-11-17T20:02:57 04731
ssc06_id   1998-11-17T20:07:16 04852
ssc07_id   1998-11-17T20:19:48 04974
ssc08_id   1998-11-17T20:19:48 04981
ssc09_id   1998-11-17T20:19:48 04980
ssc10_id   1998-11-17T20:19:48 04900
ssc11_id   1998-11-17T20:19:48 04976
ps01_id    1998-11-17T20:02:40 04699
ps02_id    1998-11-17T20:02:44 04698
ps03_id    1998-11-17T20:02:49 04622
ps04_id    1998-11-17T20:02:52 04763
ps05_id    1998-11-17T20:02:57 04731
ps06_id    1998-11-17T20:07:16 04852
run                  94
incl                15.
node                95.
equinox            2000
field0               11
nFields             536
fieldsPerSegment     25

typedef struct {
    int id1;
    int id2;
    int n1;
    int n2;
    int nPairs[30];
    float muMean[30];
    float muRms[30];
    float nuMean[30];
    float nuRms[30];