Bias Pipeline Plan

File Format: FTCL parameter file

Name: biPlan.par

Produced by: biasPre

Used by: bias

Size: < 10 Kb

Archived? Yes


The bias pipeline has no tunable parameters, thus "parameters" should be blank.

parameters                              # Tunable parameters file (if any)
parametersDir 	    'XXX'               # Directory containing the 'parameters'
                                        # file (optional --- defaults to '.')

run                 XXX                 # Bias run number. 
startField          XXX                 # Start pipeline with this field. 
endField            XXX                 # Stop pipeline with this field  
                                        # (inclusive). 

inputDir            'XXX'               # raw frames directory
outputDir           'XXX'               # all output files but fangs go here