Kali Plan

File Format: FTCL parameter file

Name: kaPlan-ddddd.par, where ddddd is the int(MJD).

Produced by: kaliPre

Used by: kali

Size: < 10 Kb.

Archived? Yes


Processing plan for one run of kali, which produces calibrated magnitudes and survey coordinates for stars in a single night's worth of observed MT Calibration Patches.


parameters          'XXX'               # Tunable parameters file (if any)
parametersDir 	    'XXX'               # Directory containing the 'parameters'
                                        # file (optional --- defaults to '.')

mjd                 XXX                 # MJD day number of night when  
                                        # data was obtained. 

outputDir           'XXX'               # input and output directory
diagnosticFile	    'XXX'               # QA diagnostics file

# directory containing the nightly report file, an input to Kali
reportDir	    'XXX'
reportFile	    'XXX'

#known objects (Guide Star Catalog) file for astrometry of MT secondary patches
koDir		    'XXX'
koFileBase	    'XXX'