MT Nightly Observing Report

File Format: FTCL parameter file

Name: mdReport-ddddd.par, where ddddd is the int(MJD).

Produced by: mop

Modified by: mtframes, excal, kali

Used by: mtframes, excal, kali

Size: approximately 100 Kb

Archived? Yes


Nightly report of MT observations. This file is modified by all three MT reduction pipelines (mtframes, excal, kali), such that the qualities assigned to individual exposures are modified to control the running of each pipeline. The qualities stored in the OPDB reflect the qualities in the last pipeline run stuffed into the database.


Currently, MOP has no tunable software parameters. Thus, the value for the "parameters" keyword should be blank. The "telescope" keyword must be assigned one of the values "APO20", "APO24", or "USNO40". In the "EXP" structure, the valid values for the "flavor" member are: "Pri", "Sec", "Astrom", "FK5", "Focus", "Bias", "Flat", "Dark", "Man", and "Grid".

parameters          'XXX'               # Tunable parameters file (if any)
parametersDir 	    'XXX'               # Directory containing the 'parameters'
                                        # file (optional --- defaults to '.')

version             'XXX'               # Version of software used. 
mjd                 XXX                 # MJD day number of night when  
                                        # data was obtained. 
telescope           'XXX'               # Telescope with which data was  
                                        # obtained. 

authors             'XXX XXX XXX'       # List of observers
equinox             2000       		# Equinox of telescope coordinates
					# (years)
fileNameFormat     	# Format to convert frame ID to raw
					# file name

# CCD configuration files
configDir           'XXX'		# directory for ccd calibration files
ccdConfig           'XXX'               # amplifier configuration
ccdECalib           'XXX'               # electronic calibrations
ccdBC               'XXX'               # bad pixels
ccdVoltages	    'XXX'		# voltages and temperatures

typedef struct {
    int       seqId;          # MT sequence number.  This number is  
                              # unique over the course of the survey.  It  
                              # is set to the unique DA id for its first  
                              # frame. 
    char      flavor[20];     # Flavor of this sequence (e.g., dome flat,  
                              # primary standard, calibration patch,  
                              # etc). 
    char      quality[20];    # Data quality. 
    char      program[20];    # Identifying name for CCD program. 
    int       exposure;       # Unique identifier. 
    double    expTime;        # Exposure time. (seconds) 
    double    mjd;            # MJD at the start of the exposure. (MJD) 
    double    ra;             # Telescope right ascension. (degrees) 
    double    dec;            # Telescope declination. (degrees) 
    char      filter[20];     # Filter (u, g, r, i, z, or b (blank)). 
    char      targetName[20]; # Name of target --- field name
    char      taihms[20];     # HH:MM:SS.SS of exposure start (UT)
} EXP;

typedef struct {int seqId; char comment[240];} MTCOMMENT;