CCD Bad Pixel File

File Format: FTCL parameter file

Name: opBC-ddddd.par, where ddddd is the int(MJD).

Produced by: mop, iop, sop

Used by: mtframes, ssc, ps, frames

Size: approximately 100 Kb

Archived? Yes


CCD bad pixel file, specifying the bad pixels for each CCD "program". This file is changed seldom. Each observing report is accompanied by one of these files, specifying which CCD bad pixels apply for that night's observing. Each file should list all programs used for all CCDs in a given instrument.


mjd           51259             # MJD day number when this file was created.
                                # This should be unique over the collection
                                # of all configuration files for a given
                                # camera.

typedef enum { 
  DRKCUR =0,                    # low level dark current 
  HOTCOL,                       # Hot column - bad dark current 
  DEPCOL,                       # Depressed column 
  CTECOL,                       # Bad charge transfer efficiency 
  BLKCOL,                       # blocked column - fix with flatfield 
  BADBLK,                       # badly blocked col - just fill in 
  HOTSPOT,			# single hot pixel
  NOISY,			# a noisy column
  TRAP				# location of trap head

typedef struct {
  char program[40];             # program name 'stare_0123'
  int camRow;                   # camRow mt=0 spec=0 dsc=9
  int camCol;                   # camCol mt=0 spec=1234 dsc=9
  int dfcol0;                   # starting column of this defect (trimmed image)
  int dfncol;                   # number of columns in this defect
  int dfrow0;                   # starting row of this defect (trimmed image)
  int dfnrow;                   # number of rows in this defect
  DFTYPE dftype;                # defect type
  int astroline;		# 1 if astroline to pay attention, 0 else.

ccdbc drifitng 0 0 300 1 0 2047 HOTCOL 1