Cloud Camera Statistics File

File Format: FTCL parameter file

Name: opCloud-ddddd.par, where ddddd is the int(MJD).

Produced by: mtDA

Used by: mtDAPost

Size: < 10 Kb.

Archived? Yes


The statistics from the all-sky cloud camera for a single night. Each set of statistics is for the distribution of counts (units for counts are arbitrary) in the central 100x100 region of a single cloud camera image after flattening, noisefixing, etc. Each set is timestamped with the time the data was obtained.

version             'XXX'               # Version of software used. 
mjd                 XXX                 # MJD day number of night when  
                                        # data was obtained. 
typedef struct {
    double    mjd;            # MJD when data obtained (MJD).
    float     minValue;       # Minimum value.
    float     minValue10;     # 10th minimum value.
    float     skyValue;       # "Sky value" from Deutsch's favorite program.
    float     stdDev;         # "Standard deviation" from Deutsch's favorite
			      # program.
    float     mean;           # Mean value.
    float     sigma;          # Square-root of the variance.
    float     skewness;       # Skewness.
    float     kurtosis;       # Kurtosis.
    float     maxValue10;     # 10th maximum value of the tree at the
			      # north center of the image.