MT Primary Fields

File Format: FTCL parameter file

Name: priFieldCenters-XXX.par, where XXX is the telescope (APO20, APO24, or USNO40).

Produced by: Contained in MTSTDS product

Used by: mop

Size: approximately 10 Kb for each telescope

Archived? Yes


Lists the set of MT primary fields to be observed by each telescope. A primary field may contain several primary stars. Thus, the preferred pointing of the telescope is not necessarily the coordinates of a given primary star. The coordinates given in this file will tend to maximize the number of neighboring primary stars obtained within the telescope's field-of-view for a given pointing for a given primary star.


telescope            XXX        # Telescope (APO20, APO24, USNO40)
equinox             2000        # equinox of the coordinate system

typedef struct {
    char      fieldName[40];    # Name of the field
    float     fieldRa;          # RA of the field center (degrees)
    float     fieldDec;         # DEC of the field center (degrees)
    float     exposureTime[5];  # Exposure time to be used for each filter
                                # (seconds, order is u' g' r' i' z')