Flat Field Vector

File Format: FITS image

Name: psFF-rrrrrr-bc.fit, where rrrrrr is the imaging run number, b is the filter used (u, g, r, i, or z), and c is the column location in the Imaging Array of the CCD which acquired the data (1-6).

Produced by: ps

Used by: frames

Size: 8640 bytes per file. 5 files per pipeline run. Total of 43.2 Kb for a single postage stamp pipeline run.

Archived? Yes


Flat-field vector for a single CCD. Actually, this is an inverse flat-field vector, meaning that the raw frame must be multiplied (not divided) by the vector to recover the desired values. The pixel values are stored as unsigned integers. The TSHIFT keyword gives the amount by which each pixel value has been multiplied; e.g., if TSHIFT = 32, then each pixel value in the image is 32 times larger than the true value. This scaling allows us to calculate precise values while maintaining pure integers. See the data model page for "psCT" files for a description of the "KALXX_ID" keywords.

Primary Header

SIMPLE  =                    T
BITPIX  =                   16
NAXIS   =                    2
NAXIS1  =                 2048
NAXIS2  =                    1
BSCALE  =                    1
BZERO   =                32768
TSHIFT  =                  XXX / Scale factor to increase precision

VERSION = 'XXX     '           / Version of software used.
RUN     =                  XXX / Imaging run number.
SSC_ID  = 'XXX     '           / SSC pipeline run identifier.
ASTRO_ID= 'XXX     '           / Astrometric pipeline run identifier.
BIAS_ID = 'XXX     '           / Bias pipeline run identifier.
PS_ID   = 'XXX     '           / Postage stamp pipeline run identifier.
FILTER  = 'XXX     '           / Filter (u, g, r, i, or z).

CAMCOL  =                  XXX / Column in the imaging camera.
EXCAL_ID= 'XXX     '           / Excal pipeline run identifier (optional).
KALXX_ID= 'seqId kali_id'      / Kali pipeline run identifier for patch XX
PSOLD_ID= 'XXX     '           / Old PS pipeline run identifier (optional).
FF_ID   = 'XXX     '           / a copy of PS_ID from supplied flatfield