Run QA Diagnostics

File Format: html

Name: $run/$rerun/runQA/all-runQA-$run-$rerun.html, and $run/$rerun/runQA/summary-runQA-$run-$rerun.html where $run is the imaging run number and $rerun is the rerun number

Produced by: runQA, part of the ts product

Used by: People browsing data quality

Size: < 10 Kb

Archived? No


A magnificent set of web pages to help us understand the quality of a run, after it has been run through nfcalib and stuffed in an opdb. For example, for run 2709, the following files were made:
calibWizard-runQA-2709-0.par                                    runQA-2709.mem.trace         summary-runQA-2709-0.html