Spectroscopic Plates To Load

File Format: FTCL parameter file

Name: spPlatesToLoad-xxxxx.par, where xxxxx is the database to load. These files live in $spectroRoot/1d_$rerun.

Produced by: dp

Used by: csv creation; sx loading

Size: < 10 Kb

Archived? no


Daily report of all plates that should be loaded in the science database.

Current databases are:


date                 XXX                 # Date and time when  
                                        # this file was created.
version             'XXX'               # DP version
database	    'XXX'               # Database to load
typedef struct {
    int       tileId;         # tile ID
    int       plateId;        # plate ID
    int       mjd;            # MJD of the last exposure combined
    int	      isPrimary;      # 1 if this is the primary observation for the
	 		      # tile; 0 otherwise
    char      tileRun[21];    # Sample, such as chunk05, or photoz 
    int      iload;           # incremental load to db number