unTiled Centers

File Format: FTCL parameter file

Name: tiUnTiledCenters-XXXX-YYYY.par, where XXXX is the beginning tile number, and YYYY the ending tile number.

Produced by: tile

Used by: completeTile sqlFits2CSV generation for CAS

Size: Total of up to 100kb

Archived? Yes


List of tiles for which there are no plates designed or drilled. For instance, a tile may need to be redesign because the first design was too narrow (at the edge of a stripe), or plate which were designed and drilled but never observed because they were unpluggable.


tilep_id      XXX             # Unique ID for tile pipeline run(output only).
version       XXX             # Version of tile pipeline used (output only).
tileRun       XXX             # Unique integer ID for tile pipeline run

typedef struct {
    int tileId;               # Unique tile ID
    double raCen;             # J2000 right ascension of tile center (degrees)
    double decCen;            # J2000 declination of tile center (degrees)
    int nTargets;             # Number of targets assigned to this tile.