Manually Selected Spectroscopic Targets

File Format: FTCL parameter file

Name: tsManual-ss-mmmmmm.par, where ss is the stripe number, and mmmmmm is the starting great circle longitude (mu) of the chunk in integer arcsecs.

Produced by: Serendipity Working Group

Used by: opdb

Size: < 10 Kb.

Archived? Yes.


Contains list of manually selected spectroscopic targets for a given chunk.
stripe               'XX'               # stripe number
startMu          'XXXXXX'               # starting great circle longitude
					# of the chunk (inclusive,
					# integer arcsecs)

# List of all segments of Frames Pipeline Runs in the chunk
typedef struct {
    int       run;            # Imaging run number
    int       camCol;         # Camera column (1-6)
    int       rerun;          # Identifying rerun number
    int       field;          # Field
    int       id;             # Object ID within the field
    int       priority;       # Priority (1-255, 1=lo, 255=hi)
    char      comment[500];   # Why this target was selected (including author)

TSMANUAL 581 1 0 125 1 255 "Anderson: it looks pretty"