Targetting Masks

File Format: FTCL parameter file

Name: tsMasks.par

Produced by: opdb, sx

Used by:

Size: Small

Archived? No


All masks in one or more targetting chunks. This file is not normally produced, but can be produced as a convenient summary of all culled and bad fields within a group of targetting chunks.

The target types which are culled are specified in the bit mask culled, where the bits are the same as defined for the primTarget fields in the tsObj file. The bits associated with the badMask field are the same as the badMask field in the tsField file. The field boundaries and scanline and stripe areas are for both amplifiers together; if the badMask field indicates that an amplifier is bad, then those quantities must be adjusted accordingly. The field boundaries are for the scanline region mapped to this field; the primary region mapped to this field is the intersection of the scanline region and the stripe region (except in the south, stripe > 45, where stripe cuts are not applied).


typedef struct {
    int stripe;               # Stripe
    char strip[2];            # Strip (N=north, S=south)
    int run;                  # Run number
    int rerun;                # Rerun number
    int camCol;               # Camera column
    int field;                # Field ID
    double mu[2];             # Mu boundaries of the scanline area intersecting
                              # this field (degrees)
    double nu[2];             # Nu boundaries of the scanline area intersecting
                              # this field (degrees)
    double scanlineArea;      # Area of scanline covered by the field (deg^2)
    double stripeArea;        # Area of stripe covered by the field (deg^2)
    int culled;               # Culling bit mask
    int badMask;              # Quality categories with bad quality