Target Selection Plan

File Format: FTCL parameter file

Name: tsPlan.par

Produced by: tsPre

Used by: ts

Size: < 10 Kb

Archived? Yes


Processing plan to control the target selection pipeline. Each plan targets the data from one chunk.


inputDir		/data/dp3.g/usr/tsww	# Directory for input tsObj files
outputDir		.			# Directory for output tsObj
						# files
chunkFile		tsChunk.par	   	# Chunk file

parametersDir		.			# Directory for tunable
						# parameters file
matchParameters         tsMatchParams.par	# Matching parameters file
starsParameters		tsStarsParams.par	# Stars parameters file
quasarsParameters	tsQuasarsParams.par	# QSOs parameters file
galaxiesParameters	tsGalaxiesParams.par	# Galaxies parameters file
serendipityParameters	tsSerendipityParams.par	# Serendipity parameters file
standardsParameters	tsStandardsParams.par	# Standards parameters file
rosatParameters		tsRosatParams.par	# ROSAT parameters file

firstCatalog /data/dp1.16/data/first/ # FIRST catalog
rosatCatalog /data/dp1.16/data/rosat/	     # ROSAT catalog
usnoDir                                         # USNO catalog directory

diagParameters          tsDiagParams.par        # Running diagnostics tunable
						# parameters file
diagDir                 .                       # Output directory for
						# running diagnostics

The parameters listed above are for when running the target selection pipeline on flat files, using as input "tsObj" files. If "inputDir" or "outputDir" is unspecified or blank, then the current directory (".") is assumed. You can also run directly on raw pipeline outputs, applying calibrations on the fly. In that case, "inputDir" is assumed to be the root directory of the pipeline outputs, and if unspecified or blank defaults to "/sdss/data/$run/$rerun" for each segment. To do this, the optional keyword "calibrate" must be set to 1. The following optional keywords are also read:
calibrate               1                       # Read raw pipeline outputs
logDir                 ""                       # Observing log directories
psDir                  ""                       # PS pipeline outputs
astromDir              ""                       # Astrometric pipeline outputs
framesDir              ""                       # Frames pipeline outputs
fcalibDir              ""                       # FCALIB pipeline outputs
qualityDir             ""                       # Quality pipeline outputs
exportDir              ""                       # Directory containing chunks
                                                # in this sky version
If any are unspecified or blank, then the default subdirectory from "inputDir", as layed out at FNAL, is assumed. The exception is "exportDir". If "exportDir" is set, then it is searched for adjacent chunks to perform border resolution along this chunk's "mu" and "eta" boundaries; if it is blank, then no such border resolution is performed (border resolution internal to this chunk --- that is, along field and nu boundaries, is still performed).

Both "inputDir" and "outputDir" can have "%d" in the string, in which case each the "%d" will be replaced with the camera column to read/write the input/output files in separate subdirectories for each camera column (i.e., "./%d").

When running out of the database, eliminate the inputDir and chunkFile parameters and add the following parameters (the parameter outputDir will be used only if export is set to 1):

stripe                  XXX                     # Stripe number
startMu                 XXX                     # starting great circle
                                                # longitude the chunk
                                                # (inclusive, integer arcsecs)
export			XXX                     #-1=don't export,
						# 0=export field files only
						# 1=export targets only
						# 2=export primaries only
						# 3=export primaries and secs
						# 4=everything
parents			XXX			# Export parents (1=yes,0=no)
split			XXX			# One file per field (1=yes,
						# 0=no)