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Pat Hall's IRAF tasks for displaying SDSS spectra

Pat Hall has written an IRAF package, PHIST, for displaying SDSS spectra. The task list is as follows:

  dec2seg - convert decimal coordinates to sexigesimal
    doigi - run existing IGI script
 hexprint - convert a decimal number to hexadecimal
   ionlte - calculate LTE ratios of MgI-III,AlI-IV,FeI-IV for given n_e,T ranges
   lplots - overplot wavelengths of emission / absorption lines for given z
  lplots2 - 2-panel lplots
mkfitsobs - make coadded FITS and text spectrum
    mkobs - make text spectrum from FITS spectrum
    sbqgr - sample task for converting GR's SX .tbl output to formatted ASCII
    sbqsx - sample task for converting SX .tbl output to formatted ASCII
   sbqsx2 - another task for converting SX .tbl output to formatted ASCII
  seg2dec - convert sexigesimal coordinates to decimal
   spdata - get objid,mags,ra,dec,objtype from spectrum (plate,mjd,fiber)
    splat - interactively SPLOT a specific observation (plate+mjd+fiber) 
    splet - non-interactively SPECPLOT an observation and its error spectrum 
 unredden - deredden spectrum using SMC or LMC extinction curve
    vcalc - calculate velocity offset in quasar rest frame
    vplot - overplot wavelengths of emission / absorption lines in velocity space
   vplots - multiple vplot
    wcalc - calculate vacuum wavelength from air wavelength
    zplot - plot spectrum in the rest frame at the specified z
Here's the README file on how to retrieve & install the package for version v.2 (December 2001):
        PHIST -- Pat Hall's IRAF SDSS Tasks

v.2     011207  Read "phist.hlp" ("phelp phist opt=sys" in IRAF) for an
        introduction.  Entire package available as a compressed tarfile
        from http://www.yorku.ca/phall/HOME/phist2.tar.gz
        To install, enter the proper pathnames in "phist.cl" and
        "phist.hd", load the IRAF "softools" package, and type
        "mkhelpdb root.hd helpdb.mip", deleting the old helpdb.mip
        if necessary.  See "phist.hlp" for how to include
        the package in your default IRAF startup.

Last modified: Mon Mar 8 17:29:53 CST 2004