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Princeton University's three major responsibilities are the scientific oversight of system design, the detailed design and construction of the photometric/astrometric camera, and the detailed design and implementation of the photometric pipeline software that processes the data from the camera. The camera contains 54 charge-coupled devices, tested and characterized at Princeton, The camera observes a strip of the sky 2.5 degrees wide and up to eight hours long in five colors every night of multicolor weather and produces excellent distortion-free images. The photometric pipeline produces catalogues and corrected images of some 300 million objects. Scientists use objects in the catalogue to select targets for the spectroscopic system.

Princeton also built the CCD camera for the spectrographs and made major contributions to the software integration environment, the Monitor Telescope pipeline and the design and testing of the target selection process. Scientists at Princeton have provided critical project support in areas of proposal writing and Web-based communication.

Participants From Princeton:

Neta Bahcall*

Michael Carr*

Brian Elms*

Doug Finkbeiner

J. Richard Gott

James Gunn*

Zeljko Ivezic*

Jill Knapp*

Robert Lupton*

Jeremiah Ostriker*

Bohdan Paczynski

Georg Pauls*

Gordon Richards*

Allen Sinisgalli

David Spergel

Michael Strauss*

David Schlegel*

Scott Tremaine

Edwin Turner

* denotes a Builder of the SDSS.

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