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Sloan Digital Sky Survey

Review of Observing Systems
And SDSS Operations
April 25-27, 2000

Supporting Documentation

Project Overview

            SDSS Science Accomplishments (Jan-Mar 2000)
            Status of the SDSS Project at APO (as of April 2000)
            Overview of Data Processing at Fermilab
            Overview of SDSS Operations at APO

Hardware/Software Sub-system Documentation

            2.5-m Telescope - (Provided in technical overview listed above)
            Imaging Camera
            Telescope Servo System  (pdf format)
            Motion Control Processor and Telescope Control Computer
            Instrument Change System
            Data Acquisition System
            Photometric Telescope

Observer Programs and Observatory Operations

            Imaging Observers' Program (IOP)
            Spectroscopic Observers' Program (SOP)
            Photometric Telescope Observers Program (MOP)
            TPM Real-time Display Tools
            Observer Responsibilities
            Configuration Management for the Operational Systems

Scientific Commissioning and Requirements

            Science Requirements and Commissioning Overview
            The SDSS Project Book 
            Technical Overview of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, by York, et al. (pdf format)
            Science Requirements Document

Additional documentation on these and other systems can be found on the SDSS Documentation page.

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