Operation of Telescope Brakes Under Windbaffle Manual Mode

Sloan Digital Sky Survey Telescope Technical Note 19990203
Paul Czarapata

The following changes have been made to the WINDBAFFLE system for MANUAL control.

  1. The doghouse crash paddles are now active in Manual mode.  Hitting one will disable motion in that azimuth direction but the windbaffle can still move in the other direction.

  2. If the telescope brakes for the axis you are trying to move are on/engaged, the windscreen will not move.  (i.e., if the Azimuth telescope brakes are on, the wind screen will not move in azimuth.  Same for Altitude.)

  3. If the Altitude Servo amplifier goes into a fault condition (such as over current) the Altitude Windscreen brake will be applied.

On one of my next trips I will try to get an indicator hooked up on the manual control box for when the brakes are on but I did not have all the needed parts on this trip.  If you have questions I can be reached at Fermilab at 630-840-3106.

Questions regarding this note should be addressed to Paul Czarapata by phone at (630) 840-2652 or by e-mail at pcceed@fnal.gov.

Last modified 02/23/99