SDSS Trip Report

Fiber Mapper Work
February 21, 1999

Pat Colestock and Denton Morris
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Batavia, IL 60510 USA

Denton Morris and Pat Colestock were successful in repairing the mapper software, as all the problems were related to the system upgrade which was done a few months ago. They returned to System 7.5 (from 8.1), and everything was OK. It turns out we may have a long-term problem here, as there is no C-development software that is compatible with System 8.0 or later. That is, they have stopped making the tools that we would need to upgrade our software for later systems. That means we MUST remain on System 7.5 to make the mappper work. They have informed Craig Loomis of this fact, and he will maintain the older system for the time being. But it will be harder and harder to maintain this old system as time goes on. So a switch to new software may be required in the not-too-distant future. (all this is a disadvantage, possibly, that comes from using the MAC platform which has gone through so many changes in recent years).

They also upgraded the fiber correlator software to the lastest version including automatic alignment algorithms, and added an output file template that is approximately what was requested in published file specs. Perhaps most importantly, they met with Adrian Pope and explained the system to him. He appeared familiar with and capable of maintaining the mapper software in the future. Since he will be involved with taking data, it appears that he is a good match for taking on that responsi- bility. Copies of the software will also be maintained at Fermilab for backup and further development. -- Neither Denton nor Pat think they will need to return to APO if Adrian takes over the maintenance of the soft- ware.

They suggested that Carl Lindenmeyer have a look at the right hand illuminator. It appears to be loose in its mount. It is spring loaded, but considerably looser than the lefthand side. Perhaps someone has bumped the assembly. Otherwise everything seemed to be OK.

Comments regarding this trip report should be addressed to Denton Morris at 630-840-3721 or
Pat Colestock at 630-840-8030.

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