SDSS List of Key Projects

1997 February 1
  1. Large scale structure
    1. The power spectrum and two-point correlation function
    2. Redshift-space distortions
    3. Higher order clustering measures: correlation functions, counts-in-cells distributions (a.k.a. PDFs), moments, etc.
    4. Topology
    5. Species-dependence of galaxy clustering, and the morphology-density relation
    6. Angular power spectrum and correlation function of the photometric catalog
  2. Clusters of Galaxies
    1. The cluster catalogs:
      1. clusters identified in redshift space from the redshift survey
      2. clusters from the northern photometric catalog, with measured redshifts from the BRG survey
      3. clusters from the northern photometric catalog, without redshifts
      4. clusters from the co-added southern survey
    2. Cross-correlation with ROSAT and other catalogs
    3. Power spectrum and two-point correlation function of the clusters
    4. Identification and cataloging of superclusters and voids
    5. Cluster evolution
    6. Groups of galaxies
  3. Quasars
    1. Evolution of the quasar luminosity function
    2. Spatial clustering of quasars as a function of redshift
  4. Galaxies
    1. Principal component analysis
    2. Distribution functions (e.g., luminosity function, joint luminosity-diameter function, ...)
    3. Galaxy properties and their dependence on the environment
    4. Galaxy counts and evolution