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Cluster heaven



Fast moving asteroid? (0.5 arcsec/sec)

Another fast moving asteroid (0.8 arcsec/sec)

Cluster - arcs?

Meteor in 2 filters

Low S.B. galaxy

UGC 12709 (Low SB galaxy)

Nice, nearby cluster

Abell 25
(more cluster heaven)

Abell 95

Abell 101

Abell 119

NGC 428 (Spiral)

UGC 772 (Low SB galaxy)

Dregs of the universe: UGCA285 (Ultra-LSB galaxy)

NGC 450 + companion

Abell 168

Necklace of galaxies

2 High S.B. Galaxies

NGC 1110, ethereal blue edge-on galaxy

Abell 267 (top) and nearby group (xray source)

Abell 2030

Uncataloged cluster (z=0.13)

Rich double clusters (z=0.13)

The clustering of galaxies at the upper right is actually a superposition of 3 cluster at z=0.38, 0.43, and 0.50

Very rich cluster: Abell 1689

UGC 1597 Seyfert (Merger?)

Polar ring galaxy NGC 660 (mosaic of 2 independent runs)

NGC 936

NGC 60 - Tormented galaxy

NGC 4437 (Edge-onSpiral)

NGC 3359 (Blue Spiral)

NGC 4753 (I0 galaxy)

NGC 5334 (Spiral)

NGC 5496 (Spiral)

NGC 5792 (Spiral)

Kent's cluster No. 2

Kent's cluster No. 3 (Red!)

Kent's cluster No. 4 (Blue!)

(Upper right) UV bright galaxy

2 High S.B. spirals and disance cluster (radio source)

z=0.7 cluster (row 770, col 1272)

z=0.7 cluster (row 1346 col 1648)

Faint cluster of clusters of galaxies

Doughnut galaxy

Pal 5 - Halo globular cluster

Dust nebula

Colorful nebulosity

Faint meteor or satellite trail

QSO z=4.75 (row 882, col 281)

QSO z=4.91 (row 511, col 456)

QSO z=5.0 (row 592, col 1368)