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MAST SDSS skyServer Interface


This provides a familiar interface to the object catalog, as it is based on the MAST interfacegif which also serves catalogs from NASA missions and other surveys: GSC, DSS, and VLA-FIRST. This is the interface most will prefer for straight-forward queries based on tex2html_wrap_inline2847. Objects that satisfy the query can be used one of several ways. The list may also be written to a comma-delimited text file, to be read by external programs, such as Microsoft Excel. The list may be written as a FITS binary table. Finally, the list may be browsed as an HTML table, where specific objects and data products (e.g. the corrected frame for the object, or the spectra for those objects with spectra) are then selected for use by the Data Archive Server.

Michael Strauss
Thu Jan 30 11:15:34 EST 2003