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Imaging Files

Image data are available from the main Data Archive Server page. Data for individual runs are in subdirectories specified by $run/$rerun, where valid $run/$rerun combinations for the EDR are 94/7,125/7, 752/8, 756/8, 1336/2, 1339/2, 1356/2, and 1359/3. Corrected frames are accessed under this root URL via

where $camCol is the camera column (1 through 6), $run is the run number (6 digits with leading zeroes), $filter is the filter name (u, g, r, i, z), and $field is the field number (4 digits with leading zeroes). Binned images are accessed in a similar fashion, via
as are the Mask images, via

The fpAtlas files in that same directory contain all of the atlas images for each field, but it is generally more convenient to access them with the Data Archive Server.

The catalogs of detected objects for each field are accessed via

but these files do not yet include photometric or astrometric calibration.

Summary information for each field processed is accessed via

and results of the psp pipeline, which characterizes the point spread function for a field (§ 4.3), are accessed via

Michael Strauss
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