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Other data products


Table 14 summarizes parameters that record the number of objects loaded in the database. Table 15 summarizes data that describe the imaging data. A run, as already described, is all the data from a single contiguous scan of the imaging camera. These are combined into chunks, contiguous areas of the sky from which spectroscopic targets will be selected and spectroscopic tiling (the process by which targets are assigned to spectroscopic plates) will be done. A segment is a single piece of a run for a single camera column. The contiguous stream of data is divided into a series of fields (§ 3.5), whose detailed properties are also given in Table 16, including astrometric calibrations (§ 4.2), and details of the point-spread-function fitting (§ 4.3). Finally, the details for each spectroscopic plate are also given in Table 17.

Table 18 lists constants we use to define the survey.

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