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SEGUE status

SEGUE imaging sky coverage and plate layout
July 15, 2008 (Complete)

Shown in the figure above is the SEGUE sky coverage in Galactic coordinates (l,b).

Postscript version of map


  • Blue circles: individual 3 degree diameter positions of Galactic structure plate pairs.
    Each plate pair consists of one bright plate (one hour exposure) and one faint plate (two hour exposure), for a total of 185 plate pairs.
  • Yellow circles: Plates targeting specific structures such as known open clusters, the Sagittarius dwarf stream, or the Monoceros Ring, for a total of approximately 15 plate pairs.
  • Green lines: completed imaging
  • Green dots: completed spectroscopic observations
  • Magenta lines: new SEGUE scans to be obtained of the possible path of Monoceros dwarf tidal stream.
    (node, incl) = (259.9, 43.2), (325.1, 50.81). The two lines cross at the location of M31.
  • Dashed cyan (light blue) line indicates limit of SEGUE imaging (declination > -20 degrees)

  • The darkened, dusty background is the SFD* reddening map [E(B-V) at each position] with center shifted to (l,b) = (120,0).
  • Black lines: completed SDSS imaging
  • Red Line: path of Sagittarius Dwarf (node, incl) = (32, 35).
*Schlegel, Finkbeiner & Davis, ApJ 1998


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