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Bug detected: Isophotal radii in DR2 in pixels, not arcseconds

The isophotal radii of objects are supposed to be reported in arcseconds, as they were in earlier data releases. Due to a programming error, all isophotal radii are given in pixels in DR2. To obtain the isophotal radii in arcseconds, scale by the pixel size of 0.396 arcseconds.

The bug is present in both the tsObj files in the DAS and the photoObj and derived tables in the CAS. It will be fixed in the next data release.

This and other caveats about using photometric data are given under imaging catalog caveats.

Old "news"

Packaged photometry and spectroscopy data files available

Getting spectra in bulk now points to files with bundled photometry and spectra data for DR2, as well as redshift catalogs by object type.

DR2 is available

About DR2 explaines what is new in DR2.

Last modified: Mon May 3 13:25:13 CDT 2004