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Software for reading fits images and tables

SDSS data are distributed as fits images and binary tables (see definition of the fits format). Here is a selection of programs and libraries which are able to read these files. If you know of a good tool that isn't listed, please email sdss-helpdesk@fnal.gov.

Astronomical analysis packages

  • ESO-MIDAS (distributed under the GNU General Public License)
  • NOAO IRAF and PyRAF, which allows to script IRAF in Python (all available for free)
  • IDL (commercial software) and IDL Astronomy User's Library (free collection of astronomical IDL routines)
  • SuperMongo (SM) focuses more on publication-quality plotting and data analysis and less on image processing than the other packages (commercial software)

Tools and libraries for reading fits files

  • SAOImage ds9
  • HEASARC's FTOOLS, A general package of software to manipulate fits files, among them
    • fv for viewing and editing images and tables
    • futils and fimage, command-line tools for manipulating fits files
  • fitsio, a collection of C and Fortran routines to link into your own code
  • SpecView is a Java application for 1-D spectral visualization and analysis of astronomical spectrograms provided by STScI.
  • Starlink is a collection of astronomical software, including software to read fits files.

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