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Tutorial: Getting Flags and Proper Motion for a List of Targets

The following procedure outlines how to use the DAS Imaging Query Server (IQS) to obtain flags and proper motion for a list of targets.


  1. Access the SDSS Imaging Query Server (IQS).
  2. Select whether you want html output to look at the results in your browser, or csv output to save them to a file which you can later upload to the Data Archive Server to retrieve images or spectra.
  3. In the Imaging parameters window, select the list of parameters you want. They are listed by alphabetical order. The list and some explanations are given in the tsObj file description . Flags are described in the photometric flags page. You can select one block of contiguous items by using the usual shift-click, or non-contiguous itmes using ctrl-click.
  4. Select Target imaging to get and query on the imaging parameters used for the spectroscopy (positions, selection,...). Select Best to get and select on the imaging parameters corresponding to the most recent observations and runs of the photometric pipeline.
  5. Select for which filters you would like to download images. If you are just looking for catalog information, and not actual images, tsObj files, etc., you can leave these unchecked.
  6. In the "Position Constraints" panel you can search a rectangular area, a circular area (Cone Search), or for the closest object only (Proximity Search). For the Proximity Search, your upload file (or the window containing the coordinates) must have as the first line "ra,dec,sep", and the separation must be specified in arcseconds (max 10). If you specify both an upload file and give coordinates in the window, the upload file will be used.
  7. In the "Imaging Constraints" you can place constraints based on magnitudes, colors or flags.
  8. Submit your query

To get fits images, e.g., of your targets, proceed to the DAS web form and:

  1. Select the products and files you want to download - fpC for fits images (Step 1 on the form)
  2. You just performed step 2 above.
  3. Upload the result.csv file returned by the IQS here under Step 3.
  4. Select your download format - you will be forced to use rsync when retrieving 10 or more files (Step 4 on the form)
  5. Submit your query.

Last modified: Sun Mar 14 22:33:59 CST 2004