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Fermilab scientists constructed the data acquisition system and the software and hardware systems to process the 10 to 20 terabytes of data gathered during the five-year span of the survey. Fermilab's contributions included creating the monitor telescope pipeline, the pipeline for selection of candidates for spectroscopy, data simulations for testing the pipelines, and the database to be used for operations, as well as bringing the pipelines together into a working system. A central archive database developed by Johns Hopkins University is located at and supported by Fermilab. The laboratory also designed and built the telescope motion controls, interlocks and some of the spectroscopic hardware, plus provided large-scale scientific project management. Fermilab (collaborators only) is also involved with quasar target selection and the overall strategy for running the survey.

Survey Builders* from Fermilab:

John Anderson*

Jim Annis*

Jon Bakken*

Steve Bastian*

Eileen Berman*

William Boroski*

Charlie Briegel*

Paul Czarapata*

Tom Dombeck*

Glenn Federwitz*

Vijay Gurbani*

Don Holmgren*

Chih-Hao Huang*

Stephen Kent*

John Korienek*

Rich Kron*

Roger (French) Leger*

Carl Lindenmeyer*

Bryan Mackinnon*

Paul Mantsch*

Tom Nash*

Tom Nicinski*

John Peoples*

Don Petravick*

Ruth Pordes*

Angela Prosapio*

Ron Rechenmacher*

Claudio Rivetta*

Kurt Ruthmansdorfer*

Gary Sergey*

Chris Stoughton*

Doug Tucker*

Brian Yanny*

Survey Participants from Fermilab:

Jennifer Adelman

Larry Bartoszek

Scott Burles

Scott Dodelson

Bruce Greenwalt

Rocky Kolb

Brian Lee

Robert Peterson

Peter Prieto

Albert Stebbins

Dan Vanden Berk

* denotes a Builder of the SDSS.

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