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Observing Systems Documentation


Enclosure Power Load Inventory

SDSS Observer's Training Plan for the 2.5-meter Telescope
2.5-meter Telescope Pre-flight Checklist
Explanatory Supplement to the Pre-flight Checklist
SDSS Technical Notes
Telescope Procedures
Telescope Temperature Sensor Location Table

Imaging Camera & Spectrographs
Mosaic Camera
Operation of the LN2 Autofill System
Telescope Control Computer (TCC)
TCC Documentation
 Hardware Controller's Manual

Motion Control Processor (MCP)
MCP Documentation
MCP Menu
MCP Keystroke Commands
MCP TCC Commands
MCP Axis Status Bits
Telescope Drive Encoder Scale Factors

Telescope Performance Monitor (TPM)
TPM Overview
TPM Input Table
TPM Real-time Displays
TPM - Modifications to the TPM real-time system

Interlock System
Interlock System Overview
Interlock System Display Access
Interlock System Receiver/Splitter Chassis Input Table
Interlock System Test Report (19-Aug-03)
Interlock System Final Test Report (07-Feb-00)  (pdf format)
PLC Analog Scales for Drive Motor Voltage and Current Outputs
A Specification for PLC Implementation of Instrument-Change Interlocks
Implementation of the PLC Controlled Instrument-Change Interlocks

Controls and Interlock System
Motion Control Design of the SDSS 2.5-m Telescope  (pdf format)
Controls and Interlock System:  Technical Reports
Controls and Interlock System:  Trip Reports
Controls and Interlock System:  Drawing Control System

Optics and Optical Design Reports

Instrument Change System
Instrument ID Switch Codes

Plug-plate cartridges and science fiber harnesses
Plug-plate design and production notes
Plug-plate Inventory Database
Photos of plug-plates plugged with fibers at APO
Status of Broken Fibers in Cartridges at APO

Photometric Telescope
Photometric Telescope Documentation

Observing Software
Imaging Observer Program (IOP)
Accessing help from within IOP

Data Aquisition System

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