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Review of Safety at Apache Point Observatory
April 25-27, 2000

List of Participants

Jonathan Spargo  NRAO and Stellar Safety Services kc5ntw@sdc.org 410-516-5457
Graham Munsell New Mexico State University gmunsell@nmsu.edu 505-646-3327
Richard Ruthe Femilab ruthe@fnal.gov 630-840-5424
Bill Everett Kitt Peak National Observatory beverett@noao.edu
Martha Heflin Fermilab martha@fnal.gov 630-840-3511


Gretchen VanDoren Apache Point Observatory gretchen@apo.nmsu.edu 505-437-6822
Bill Boroski Fermilab boroski@fnal.gov  630-840-4344
Bruce Gillespie Apache Point Observatory gillespie@apo.nmsu.edu 505-437-6822
French Leger Fermilab leger@fnal.gov


Mark Klaene Apache Point Observatory mark@apo.nmsu.edu 505-437-6822
Jon Davis Apache Point Observatory jon@apo.nmsu.edu 505-437-6822

Safety Review at Apache Point Observatory

Apache Point Observatory
May 11-12, 2000

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