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Known problems

The following is a clearinghouse of known issues and caveats with links to detailed descriptions or workarounds where available.

Data products and access

  • Photometric redshifts for galaxies The DR1 Catalog Archive Server had a table with photometric redshifts for galaxies, including galaxies fainter than those in the spectroscopic survey. The redshifts still need to be computed and loaded into the database for DR3.
  • Coverage masks Detailed coverage masks which will allow large-scale structure resarchers to easily calculate power spectrum and related quantities are in preparation.
  • IQS/SQS The Imaging Query Server (IQS) and Spectro Query Server (SQS) form interfaces have been re-enginered to use a faster database. They currently do not provide a direct link to the DAS data download form; users need to save .csv files with the necessary information and upload these by hand to the DAS form.


Object catalogs


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