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News and updates

June 2007: DR6 is available

Old "news"

DR4 bulk spectro files now available

As of the last week of July 2005, the spectra in bulk page has been updated with packaged photometric and spectroscopic information for the plates new to DR4, and with incremental redshift catalogs for DR4. So far, only regular survey plates are included in those files, but not the extra and special plates new to DR4.

DR4 is available

About DR4 explains what is new in DR4.

DR3 quasar catalog

The DR3 quasar catalog and the accompanying paper are now available.

University of Portsmouth joins SDSS

The University of Portsmouth has joined the SDSS collaboration. Please use the updated acknowledgement in your publications making use of SDSS data.

Last modified: Fri Jun 29 17:18:10 CEST 2007