Root Directories

All data locations are relative to a root directory.

Production Directories

Imaging Data Directories

Name: imagingRoot/$run/$rerun where Each $run/$rerun may have the following directories:

Spectro Data Directories

Name for 2d pipeline outputs: spectroRoot/2d_$rerun/$plate where Name for 1d pipeline outputs: spectroRoot/1d_$rerun/$plate where Each 1d_$rerun/$plate has the following directories: Name for photo measurements of spectro targets: spectroRoot/3d_$rerun/$plate where Each 3d_$rerun/$plate has the following directories: Directory of clean spectroscopic sample data: spectroRoot/ss_$rerun/$plate and ss_tar_$rerun/$plate.tar.gz where The plPlugMapM files should be found in 2d_$rerun, 1d_$rerun and ss_$rerun. Last resort, look in spectroRoot/speclog. There the sdReport may be found, as well. There is one directory for each MJD. Note that there can potentially be a different MJD for plugging and observing. You have to look in the header of the spSpec or spPlate files to find the plugfile.

Target Data Directories

Name:targetRoot/stripe$stripe_mu$mu_$skyVersion where $stripe is the stripe number (format %d), $mu is the starting mu (format %6d), and $skyVersion is the sky version (format %d):

Best Data Directories

Name: bestRoot/stripe$stripe_mu$mu_$skyVersion where $stripe is the stripe number (format %d), $mu is the starting mu (format %6d), and $skyVersion is the sky version (format %d):

Tiling Data Directories

Name: tilingRoot/chunk$chunk contains the tiling information for spectro tiling chunk # $chunk.

Imaging CSV Directories

Spectro CSV Directories

Tiling CSV Directories

CSV Directory Structure Layout JPG Image

Figure 1. The directory structure layout for the CSV files.