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The Legacy Survey: Stripe 82

The DR7 Catalog Archive Server contains the Stripe82 database, distinct from the DR7 and RUNS databases, containing all imaging from SDSS stripe 82 along the Celestial Equator in the Southern Galactic Cap (Stripe 82).

Subsets of the 303 individual stripe 82 scans were made public in previous data releases, but with DR7, we now make available a coaddition of 47 South strip and 55 North strip scans into a pair of runs in which objects are detected and cataloged about 2 magnitudes deeper than in any individual Stripe 82 scan. The Stripe82 database includes a total of 303 runs (plus 2 coadd runs), covering any given piece of the approx. 270 deg2 area (-50 < RA < 59, -1.25 < DEC < 1.25) approximately 80 times.

All 303 runs covering Stripe 82 are part of the Stripe 82 database, which can be queried to search for variability (and propermotion, with a bit more effort). Only about one-quarter of the Stripe 82 scans were obtained in photometric conditions, the rest were taken under variable clouds and often poorer than normal seeing. For those runs which are non-photometric, an approximate calibration, using the photometric frames as reference, is derived and available in the CAS Stripe82 Database, for objects with RA > 310 or RA < 59 degrees.

CAS Stripe 82 Database