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Sloan Digital Sky Survey

Review of SDSS
Data Processing and Distribution Operations
July 20-21, 2000

Supporting Documentation


Status of Data Processing and Distribution as of July 2000
Data Processing Operations at Fermilab
Data Processing
Pipline Integration at Fermilab
Overview of the Photometric Pipelines
Technical Details of Photo
   Performance Requirements for the Photometric Pipeline
   Technical Summary of the Photometric Pipeline
   How the Frames Pipeline Sets Its Flags
   Photo's Outputs (pdf file)
Astrometric Pipeline
Tiling (pdf file)
Target Selection and Plate Design
Overview of the Spectroscopic Pipelines
    Spectro Data Model
    IDL Help for Spectro 2D
Data Distribution
Data Distribution Plan
Overview of Data Distribution
Operational Database
Science Database
Photometric Calibrations
Status of Photometric Calibration as of July 2000
Photometric Calibration Task Force
Final Calibration
Scientific Requirements and Commissioning
Science Requirements Document
Science Requirements: Current Status
Requirements and Status of the Spectroscopic Systems (pdf file)
The SDSS Project Book
Technical Overview of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, by York, et al. ( pdf file)
The Sloan Digital Sky Survey Photometric System, by M.Fukugita  (pdf file)

Review of SDSS Data Processing and Distribution Operations
July 20-21, 2000

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