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This site provides several help resources answer questions about how to use SDSS data.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) gives answers to questions about the Sloan Digital Sky Survey and its data.

Glossary gives definitions to terms that frequently appear in SDSS data.

Known Issues lists reported problems and caveats for working with SDSS data, as well as tips for working around these issues.

Data Release (DR) Papers provides links to the papers that announced the SDSS data releases. These papers are the fundamental references for using the SDSS data releases.

Helpdesk allows you to ask questions about the SDSS. The Helpdesk coordinators will direct your question to an expert who can answer it, who will send you a response.

Search allows you to search the documentation on this Data Release 7 website.

You can get printable versions of many pages by clicking on the Icon for printable Flash document (Flash) or Icon for printable PDF (PDF) icons at the top of those pages.

Mailing Lists

There are also three mailing lists that you can use.

  • Please submit bug reports, questions and comments to the SDSS helpdesk. In case you encounter a web access problem, please include as much information as possible so we can reproduce it (such as URL, time, any form settings etc.).
  • We will send news and announcements to the SDSS news and announcements mailing list.
  • You may post general discussion questions to the SDSS Users Forum mailing list.

The two mailing lists are standard listserv mailing lists. You may join or leave these lists by following the links above.