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Where to start

Data Release 7 is the final data release of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. This site gives information for how to work with Data Release 7 data. The best way to navigate the site is to use the link on the left-hand menu. The list below shows what each of those links means.

  • Go to sdss.org - links back to the main Sloan Digital Sky Survey website, which has a general introduction to the science and its science
  • DR7 Home - the home page of the Data Release 7 site
  • Where to Start - this page, which gives advice on how to get started with using SDSS DR7 data
  • Data Access - an introduction to the methods by which you can access SDSS DR7 data
    • Database (CAS) - access to the catalog database of the SDSS, where you can find numerical data such as magnitudes
    • Files (DAS) - access to SDSS data files in FITS format
    • Value-Added - access to SDSS value-added catalogs, useful catalogs derived from DR7 data
    • Tutorials - guides to solving common problems in astronomy using SDSS data
    • Older Releases - access to previous data releases from the SDSS
  • About DR7 - provides information on what data are contained in Data Release 7
    • Instruments - descriptions of the instruments that the SDSS used in its observations
    • Data Processing - descriptions of the processing that SDSS data go through between initial observation at the telescope and final data release online
    • Algorithms - detailed information about the algorithms that the SDSS uses to process data
  • Help - information and links for help on how to use SDSS data
    • FAQ - frequently asked questions about the SDSS and how to use its data
    • Glossary - definitions of key terms used by the SDSS
    • DR Papers - papers describing each data release of the SDSS; these papers are the fundamental source of information about how to use SDSS data
  • Helpdesk - links to a page where you can ask questions about the SDSS; an expert will get back to you with answers
  • Search - a tool for searching the Data Release 7 website

About the data

Avoiding Common Pitfalls when Using the Data

About the Sloan Digital Sky Survey

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