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The SDSS Data Release 7 Supplemental

The original description of the original DRsup, along with that of DR5 to which it originally referred, are described in the DR5 paper, Adelman-McCarthy et al. 2007, ApJ Supplements, in press [pdf, 1 MB].

Imaging Runs and Spectroscopic Plates which do not fall into a category such as "Legacy" "SEGUE" "Supernovae", have been presented in previous SDSS data releases as part of a DRsup "Data Release Supplemental" package. With DR7, this supplemental data are folded into the three CAS and one DAS databases. The supplemental imaging is a list of special imaging scans, not taken on Legacy or SEGUE survey stripes.

Here is the list of special imaging runs available .

While only a subset of these runs are searchable in the CAS SQL databases, the remainder are available as part of a DAS (Data Archive Server). This is a flat-file web-based file server which allows retrieval via 'browser-tools' such as IE, Firefox or command-line interfaces such as 'wget' or 'curl'.

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