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SEGUE Publications

Scientific publications based on SEGUE data or SDSS stellar imaging are listed below. A more general list of SDSS publications can be found at www.sdss.org/publications/publications.php.

Title First Author astro-ph Journal
The SEGUE Survey Yanny et al. 0902.1781 AJ submitted
The SEGUE Stellar Parameter Pipeline. III. Comparison with High-Resolution Spectroscopy of SDSS/SEGUE Field Stars C. Allende Prieto 0710.5780 2008 AJ 136, 2070.
The SEGUE Stellar Parameter Pipeline. II. Validation with Galactic Globular and Open Clusters Y. S. Lee 0710.5778 2008 AJ 136, 2050.
The SEGUE Stellar Parameter Pipeline. I. Description and Initial Validation Tests Y. S. Lee 0710.5645 2008 AJ 136, 2022.
Galactic Globular and Open Clusters in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. I. Crowded Field Photometry and Cluster Fiducial Sequences in ugriz Deokkeun An 0808.0001 2008 ApJS vol 179
Carbon-Enhanced Metal-Poor Stars III. Main-Sequence Turnoff Stars from the SDSS SEGUE Sample Wako Aoki 0801.4187 2008 ApJ 678, 1351
The Overdensity in Virgo, Sagittarius Debris, and the Asymmetric Spheroid Heidi Jo Newberg 0706.3391 2007 ApJ 668, 221
Estimation of stellar atmospheric parameters from SDSS/SEGUE spectra P. Re Fiorentin 0703309 2007 A&A 467, 1373
The Hercules-Aquila Cloud V. Belokurov 0701790 2007 ApJ 657, L89
SDSS Spectroscopic Survey of Stars Z. Ivezic 0701509 Mem. Soc. Ast. It. 77, 1057
A Survey of Open Clusters in the u'g'r'i'z' Filter System: III. Results for the Cluster NGC 188 B. Fornal 0611900 AJ 133, 1409
Understanding white dwarf binary evolution with white dwarf/main sequence binaries: first results from SEGUE M.R. Schreiber 0611461 Proc., 15th Eur. Workshop on WDs
Is Ursa Major II the Progenitor of the Orphan Stream? M. Fellhauer 0611157 MNRAS 375, 1171
Cats and Dogs, Hair and A Hero: A Quintet of New Milky Way Companions V. Belokurov 0608448 ApJ 654, 897
A Curious New Milky Way Satellite in Ursa Major D. B. Zucker 0606633 ApJ Lett 650, L41
An Orphan in the "Field of Streams" V. Belokurov 0605705 2007 ApJ 658, 337
The Field of Streams: Sagittarius and its Siblings V. Belokurov 0605025 ApJ Lett 642, L137
A Faint New Milky Way Satellite in Bootes V. Belokurov 0604355 ApJ Lett 647, L111
A New Milky Way Dwarf Satellite in Canes Venatici D. B. Zucker 0604354 ApJ Lett 643, L103
A Spectroscopic Study of the Ancient Milky Way: F- and G-Type Stars in the Third Data Release of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey C. Allende Prieto 0509812 ApJ 636, 804
The Metallicity Distribution Function of the Halo of the Milky Way Timothy C. Beers 0508423 IAU Symp. 228
The Milky Way's stellar halo - lumpy or triaxial? Heidi Jo Newberg 0507671 J. of Phys. Conf. Proc.
The Halo of the Milky Way Heidi Jo Newberg 0502386 ASP Conf. Series
A comprehensive model for the Monoceros tidal stream J. Penarrubia 0410448 ApJ 626, 128
A New Milky Way Companion: Unusual Globular Cluster or Extreme Dwarf Satellite? Beth Willman 0410416 2005 AJ 129, 2692
A Survey of Open Clusters in the u'g'r'i'z' Filter System: I. Results for NGC2548 (M48) C. J. Rider 0312555 AJ 127, 2210