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Illustrative Spectra

Below are examples of high signal-to-noise spectra for a variety of stellar types, highlighting major spectral features. The stellar parameters indicated for each star:

  • effective temperature (Teff),
  • surface gravity (log g)
  • metallicity [Fe/H]
are derived from the observational data via the SEGUE Spectral Parameter Pipeline (SSPP).

  • A Stars
  • Blue Horizontal Branch Stars
  • Carbon-Enhanced Metal-Poor Stars
  • F Turnoff Stars
  • G Dwarfs
  • K Dwarfs
  • K Giants
  • Low Metallicity Stars
  • White Dwarfs

    A Stars
    pdf file


    Blue Horizontal Branch Stars
    pdf file


    Carbon-Enhanced Metal_Poor Stars
    pdf file


    F Turnoff Stars
    pdf file


    G Dwarfs
    pdf file


    K Dwarfs
    pdf file


    K Giants
    pdf file


    Low Metallicity Stars
    pdf file


    White Dwarfs
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