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Fermilab Engineering Trip Reports

Trip # Purpose of Trip Author Trip Date
TR99040 Manipulator and Instrument Lift Work C. Lindenmeyer Apr. 2-5, 1999
TR99030 Fiducial and Control System Work G. Federwitz Mar. 1-5, 1999
TR99025 Fiber Mapper Work P. Colestock Feb. 21, 1999
TR99020 Recalibration of Heidenhain ERA 880C Readheads W. Boroski Feb. 11, 1999
TR99010 SDSS Interlock System Work G. Federwitz Jan. 18-21, 1999
TR98100 SDSS Interlock System Work J. Anderson Nov. 16-19, 1998
TR98090 Telescope EngineeringWork at APO W. Boroski Nov. 10-13, 1998
TR98080 SDSS Interlock System Work J. Anderson Oct. 19-22, 1998
TR98070 Install and Wire New Rotator Motor C. Rivetta Oct. 8-14, 1998
TR98060 Telescope Servo System Commissioning C. Rivetta June 22-27, 1998
TR98050 Wind Baffle Azimuth Motor Alignment
and Guide Roller Installation
W. Boroski June 9-13, 1998
TR98040 Telescope and Wind Baffle
Alignment Measurements
T. Sager June 9-13, 1998
TR98030 Status of SDSS Fiber Mapper System P. Colestock June 1, 1998
TR98020 Telescope Servo System Commissioning C. Rivetta May 12-16, 1998
TR98010 Windbaffle Servo System Commissioning P. Czarapata May 13-16, 1998
TR97030 Rotator and Azimuth Drive Measurements C. Rivetta July 23-27, 1997
TR96010 2.5-Meter Telescope Structure Characterization S. Hansen Oct. 24, 1996

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