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Fermilab Engineering Technical Notes

Note # Title Author Date
19991228 SDSS Latch Life Tests and Operating Characteristics L. Bartoszek 28 Dec 99
19991214 Testing of the Belleville Springs on the Instrument Latch Life Test Fixture to Determine Preload L. Bartoszek 14 Dec 99
19990311 Windbaffle Interlocks Under Manual Control J. Anderson 11 Mar 99
19990203 Operation of Telescope Brakes Under
Windbaffle Manual Control
P. Cazrapata 3 Feb 99
19990223 Modifications to Instrument Latch to
Prevent Retraction Spring Failure
L. Bartoszek 22 Feb 99
19980624 Instructions for controlling telescope
axes using menu-driven MCP software
C. Briegel 24 Jun 98
19980512 Latch Spring Failure Analysis
(Packer Engineering, Inc.)
12 May 98
19980426 Analyzing the Centering Rollers on the SDSS
Windscreen Azimuthal Drive System
L. Bartoszek 26 Apr 98
19980410 Wind Baffle Hardness Measurements B. Boroski 10 Apr 98
19971113 Glentek Amplifier Packaging P. Prieto 13 Nov 97
19970814 Determining the Inertial Forces on the
Camera of the SDSS Telescope
L. Bartoszek 14 Aug 97
19970725 Air Pressure Needed to latch and
Unlatch SDSS Instrument Latches
L. Bartoszek 24 Jul 97
19970724 Effect of Plastic Washer Added to
The Stack of Belleville Springs
L. Bartoszek 24 Jul 97
19970121 Calculation of Adequacy of Latch Hook
for SDSS
L. Bartoszek 21 Jan 97
19970402 Calculating the Parameters of the Disk Springs
in the SDSS Camera Stirrup Mechanism
L. Bartoszek 2 Apr 97

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